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    Mortuary Man Shows How They Treat The Dead, Says They Break Your Teeth If You Die And It Comes Out [Video]

    A man who works at the mortuary uncovered the secret about how they treat dead people at the mortuary.

    The mortuary man whose name was not mention tells Ghanaians how they take care of dead people.

    He revealed this secret when he was interviewed on Oheneba Media.

    According to the mortuary man, when someone dies and the person is not upright due to some challenges, they use force to make the corpse straight.

    He continued by saying, if the corpse is not straight we put 10 blocks of cement on the corpse to straight it.

    The interesting part is that the person can die with the mouth opened showing his/her teeth, in that case, they hammer the teeth to break it and sew the corpse mouth.

    “When a person dies and they’re not straight, we use blocks to straighten them. If the neck of the deceased is not straight, we can put 10 blocks on the dead person’s chest to break the neck to straighten the person. If you die with your mouth opened, we sew it together, and if you have your teeth out, we break it with a hammer,” he said.

    In the video, he revealed that all human beings are treated equally in the mortuary, they don’t have how rich men are treated and how poor men are treated.

    He concluded that he recognized has some highly important businessmen are treated in the mortuary, he said we put them on the bare floor for them to be dehydrated and his job has made him released that human beings are nothing when they die so he has been always humble.

    watch the video below:


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