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    “Money rituals doesn’t work, spirit world doesn’t have banks that prints money” – Native Doctor says

    Nigerian popular priest has opened up that money rituals and occultic activities performed with the aim of achieving money are fabricated.

    The Priest identified as Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila has shared this information while speaking on growing campaign against killing of human beings for money rituals.

    Screenshot-2022-01-07-185459 "Money rituals doesn't work, spirit world doesn't have banks that prints money" - Native Doctor says

    He added that, those money rituals are just imagination things and it happens only in movies.

    He said: “For the One hundred millionth time, there is nothing like money rituals. We live in real world not nollywood movies.

    “The spirit worlds doesn’t have banks that print money and banks here didn’t complain of spirit stealing their money. Stop killing people,” Jogbodo said.

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