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    Milany Rosario Biography, Relationship With Eddie Rosario, Children, All Facts

    Milany Rosario

    Milany Rosario is presently living a very good and private life such that, there isn’t any form of detail of hers available on the internet. Her date of birth, place of birth, family, and upbringing is not also available. Milany Rosario is guestimated to be around the ages of 25 and 30 years. Also, her birth is recorded to fall on the 26th of every March. During her birthday, she usually celebrates it with her family and friends.

    Milany Rosario is very well known for being the wife of the Puerto Rican professional baseball player, Eddie Rosario



    Name: Milany Rosario

    Date of Birth: –

    Age: 25 – 30 years

    Place of Birth: –

    Spouse: Eddie Rosario

    Children: Lucas Rosario, Milidi Rosario and Radialise Rosario.

    Marital Status: Married


    Milany Rosario and Eddie Rosario’s Relationship

    PhotoGrid_Plus_1640339206103-1024x615-1 Milany Rosario Biography, Relationship With Eddie Rosario, Children, All Facts

    Milany Rosario and Eddie Rosario are married couples with three children. Their children’s names are; Lucas Rosario, Milidi Rosario, and lastly, Radialise Rosario. There isn’t any information about how the two met and how their relationship was rooted up but reliable reports have it that, Milany Rosario and Eddie Rosario have been married for about 13 years now. Her relationship with her husband, Eddie Rosario is such eye-catching and very sweet. She is currently living with her husband and their three beautiful children.

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    Eddie Rosario

    1309350193.0-scaled Milany Rosario Biography, Relationship With Eddie Rosario, Children, All Facts

    Eddie Rosario was born on the 28th of September, 1991. He is therefore 31 years of age as of 2022. Eddie Rosario is the husband of Milany Rosario. Eddie Rosario is a Puerto Rican professional baseball left fielder who has had his way into the Major League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves. After he’d joined forces with Atlanta Braves, he initially played for the Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians. Therefore, in 2013 and 2017, Eddie Rosario represented his country Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Clinic. After the competition, Eddie Rosario went home with a silver medal in both the 2013 and 2017 editions.

    Then somewhere between the year 2013 – 2014, Eddie Rosario Was suspended from playing 50 games for using unrecommended substances to play. This really affected his career.


    Milany Rosario Net Worth

    Milany Rosario’s profession and net worth are currently not available on the internet just as her personal information. But it is believed that Milany is living a very good and happy life with her husband, Eddie Rosario and children. On the other hand, Eddie Rosario’s net worth is estimated to be between $5million and $10million. On 4th February 2021, Eddie Rosario allegedly signed a 1-year contract with Cleveland Indians at a sum of $8million.


    Milany Rosario’s Social Media Presence

    Despite being a private person, Milany Rosario has managed to accumulate a good number of fans on her social media platforms. Milany Rosario is currently available on Twitter with the name @milaycolon with a total of 824 followers while Eddie Rosario hoards over 137k followers on the same platform. Milany Rosario also has an Instagram account that is on private mode.

    Aside from Twitter and Instagram, Milany Rosario is not found on any of the other social media platforms.

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    How Old Is Milany Rosario?

    Currently, there isn’t any legitimate information about Milany’s date of birth so her actual age is still a mystery. Such information is not available on the internet for now; maybe somewhere in the future.

    Who Is Milany Rosario’s Husband

    Milany Rosario is happily married to Eddie Rosario. They have three adorable children whose names are; Lucas Rosario, Milidi Rosario, and Radialise Rosario.

    Can Rosario Speak English?

    Frankly, Eddie Rosario is not fluent in the English Language but it seems he is trying to catch up. During an interview, Eddie Rosario made this submission about his English speaking with his kids. He said;

    “When I’m home, my little [kids] only speak English,” Rosario said. “I try [to teach them Spanish], but they like to speak English. They understand only English.”


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