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    Men sanitary pads sparks wild reactions on the gram

    A photograph of an indicated sanitary pad made only for men has been shared on the web.

    some people are shocked about these new sanitary pads which have been made for men only and some don’t understand the reason why they made this thing for men

    A web-based source characterizes a sanitary pad, which is otherwise called a sterile napkin or feminine cushion, as a slender cushion made of permeable material that assimilates the feminine liquid during monthly cycle.

    Some sanitary pads are dispensable and are intended for single utilize as it were. Most sanitary pads accessible in the market are expendable.

    From the definition above, individuals are confounded with regards to what reason these new sanitary pads will serve for men.

    Netizens have shared different sees on the turn of events and we suppose you may participate in the discussion soon when you go over the string.

    See the post below:

    e6661d31-14d7-45e0-98e6-ea63ff1d5b01 Men sanitary pads sparks wild reactions on the gram


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