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    Melissa Esplana Biography, Age, Education, Family, Marriage With Dusty Baker

    Melissa Esplana
    Melissa Esplana

    Melissa Esplana was born on the 21st of February, 1961 in San Francisco, California, United States of America. She goes by the birth name Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta. Melissa Esplana does not have enough information on her family, siblings or how she grew up in Baker’s family. According to her date of birth, Melissa celebrates her birthday on the 21st of every February. She is also an American by nationality and she respectively belongs to the Multiracial ethnicity.



    Name: Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta

    Date of Birth: 21st February, 1960

    Age: 61 years as of 2022

    Place Of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States of America

    Nationality: American

    Spouse: Dusty Baker

    Son: Darren Baker


    Melissa Esplana’s Physique

    Melissa Esplana had a very beautiful look. She holds attractive dark hair, brown eyes, and a set of white teeth. Any other details about her appearance; height and weight are not currently available on the internet.

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    Melissa Esplana’s Education

    Melissa Esplana’s education is not currently available on the internet. But it is believed that she studied English Language and Literature. Her elementary school, high school, college, and university are all unavailable. Maybe somewhere in the future.


    Melissa Esplana’s Career

    Melissa Esplana’s career is also missen. She has kept most of the details about her private such that, none is reachable anywhere on the internet. As we all know, Melissa Esplana became the talking point due to her marriage with Dusty Baker, the popular American baseball manager of Houston Astros in the MLB.


    Melissa Baker’s Marriage

    Melissa-Esplana-Family Melissa Esplana Biography, Age, Education, Family, Marriage With Dusty Baker

    Melissa Esplana

    Melissa Esplana’s husband is called Dusty Baker. On 27th November 1994, the two love birds got married. Their marriage ceremony was held successfully, all families and friends connected and made merry. Some 5 years later, in the year, 1999, Melissa and Dusty Baker gave birth to a son whose name is Darren Baker.

    For your information, Melissa Esplana is Dusty Baker’s second wife. He was previously married to Alice Lee Washington. Together, they have a daughter whose name is Natasha Lichon Baker born on 29th September 1979.


    Dusty Baker

    merlin_167987571_a0a6e664-7297-40cb-afd3-ccf03fcef43b-superJumbo-scaled Melissa Esplana Biography, Age, Education, Family, Marriage With Dusty Baker

    Dusty Baker

    Dusty Baker played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) before finally venturing into the coaching spot. He was an outfielder for Atlanta Braves from the year, 1968-1975 and Los Angeles Dodgers, also from the year 1976-1983. Then a year, in 1984, Dusty Baker played for San Francisco Giants, one of America’s professional baseball teams. Also, between the years 1985-1986, Dusty Baker went ahead to play for Oakland Athletics. Later in his career, Dusty Baker earned the slot to be San Francisco Giants’ official manager from 1993-2002. After, he also worked as a manager for Chicago Clubs from 2002-2006.

    Then, from 2008-2013, Dusty Baker again worked as a manager in Cincinnati Reds, an American professional baseball team. Later in his life, Melissa Esplana’s husband worked Washington Nationals from 2016-2017.

    Dusty Baker is presently the manager of Houston Astros after he was bonded with a one-year deal. He is additionally in a Major League Baseball with a commendable record in his career as a coach.

    Teams He’s Managed

    • San Francisco Giants – 1993 to 2002
    • Chicago Cubs – 1993 to 2002
    • Cincinnati Reds – 2003 to 2006
    • Washington Nationals – 2016 to 2017
    • Houston Astros – 2020 to present


    Melissa Esplana’s Net Worth

    There isn’t any information about the wife Dusty Baker’s net worth. Most people believe that she is enjoying her life out of her husband’s popularity and wealth. Her husband, Dusty Baker, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of about $20million. He has made lots of money from being a professional baseball player to being most teams’ manager to date.

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    Social Media Presence

    Melissa Esplana is not very fond of social media. Nevertheless, her husband, due to his popularity, is an active member of Twitter; with the name ‘@DustyBaker70’. He hoards a little more than 6.9k followers.


    Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Black Gloves?

    The current manager for Houston Astros wears black gloves because, according to sources, his hands easily catch a cold. He wears them to help him keep warm.

    Who Is Dusty Baker Married To?

    Dusty Baker is presently, married to Melissa Esplana. The couple tied the knot on 27th November 1994. Five years after their marriage, they welcomed a son, whose name is Darren Baker.

    What Is Dusty Baker’s Real Name?

    Dusty Baker’s real name is Johnnie B. Baker Jnr. 

    Melissa Esplana’s Age

    The wife of Houston Astros, Melissa Esplana is presently, 61 years as of 2022. She was born on 21st February, 1960. She celebrates her birthday on the 21st of every February.

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