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    Matthew Gray Gubler Biography; Age, Numerous Relationships, Career, Rumours

    Matthew Gray Gubler
    NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 18: Actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler visits Build Series to discuss the TV show "Criminal Minds" with the Build Series at Build Studio on October 18, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

    Matthew Gray Gubler was born and raised in Nevada, Las Vegas, United States of America on 9th March 1980. His mother whose name is Marylin Nee Kelch was a political advisor whilst his father, Job Gubler was also officially the State’s lawyer. When Mathew was just nine years old, his parents hired a private tutor to teach him magic. So Mathew Gray began to master the art of magic performance at his hometown’s event as young as he was. All this magic journey began to get on the road when he was just 11 years of age.

    Aside from his professionalism in the acting field, he is also well known for having a very dramatic dating history.

    Even as old as he is, at age 41, Mathew Gray is still single.



    Name: Matthew Gray

    Date Of Birth: 9th March 1980

    Age: 42 as of 2022

    Place of Birth: Las Vegas, United States

    Parents: Job Gubler and Marylin Nee Kelch

    Nationality: American

    Career/Profession: Actor, model, author, illustrator, film director

    Net Worth: $10million

    Married: No


    Matthew Gray Gubler Education

    Mathew Gray attended and completed his elementary school education at Meadow School. Then, he moved forward to study visual and performing arts when he was in high school at Las Vegas Academy of International Studies. After years of effective education, Mathew Gray graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a filming degree from New York University Tisch School of Arts in the year 2012.

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    Matthew Gray Gubler Career

    Matthew_Gray_Gubler_DC_Cinema-1170x600-2 Matthew Gray Gubler Biography; Age, Numerous Relationships, Career, Rumours

    Matthew Gray Gubler is an actor, model, film director, illustrator, author, and painter in the United States of America. He was just 11 years when he started performing magic at his hometown event. Mathew Gray is a very popular figure in the United States and beyond. He is best known for his role as Dr. Spenser Reid in the Criminal Minds movie and Alvin and the Chipmunks live-action franchise. He has featured in the most successful movies in the United States. Mathew Gray was a dancer growing up before he underwent three consecutive knee dislocation surgeries in the year 2009.


    Matthew Gray Gubler Relationships

    E5e-sUrXwAMTp3k-2 Matthew Gray Gubler Biography; Age, Numerous Relationships, Career, Rumours

    Taylor Swift and Mathew Gray Gubler

    Most people seem to be worried and concerned about who Mathew Gray’s wife is. The reality of this information is that the young actor is single as of 2022. So any popped-up information about his relationship with anyone is nothing but a rumor. Even though, it is true that Mathew Gray has been in several relationships with different women. Here, we will provide you with details about the number of relationships the actor has been in.

    Relationship With Charlotte Kemp Muhl

    Matthew Gray’s first-ever public relationship happened with Charlotte Kemp Muhl in the year 2004. Charlotte Kemp Muhl was then, a professional model. She is well known to have worked with the likes of Greg Kadel, Ellen Von Unwerth, Steven Klein, and many others. Currently, it is known that the model is in a serious relationship with John Lennon.

    Relationship With Kat Dennings

    Matthew Gray and his former sweetheart first met just the time that his film Criminal Minds started airing and earning public attention. The two love birds started their dating journey in the year 2007. At that time, the young actor was just 26 years old when they started dating and she, Kat Dennings was also 20 years. In the course of the dating, it was hard for Mathew to make time for his partner, Kat due to hectic time on set. He’d to spend over 15 hours on set every single day. That was huge for Kat Dennings to swallow. Mathew’s lack of time nearly caused him the relationship when though, the love was still valid.

    When the two of them were together, most of their fans were so happy for the young lads. They wished that Kat Dennings would one day, become Mathew Gray Gubler’s wife.

    Somewhere around some bad time, Kat Dennings and Mathew Gray broke up but continued to be very good friends. Even after their separation, the two former lovers co-starred in a film together titled ‘Suburban Gothic‘.

    Relationship With Marrisa Morris

    Just after Kat Dennings and Mathew Gray split up, most people got their lips busy after it was known that, the young actor have started going out with Marrisa Morris, the Portuguese actress in 2008. Just as before, his fans never let their guard down. They seriously hoped that Mathew will wed Marrisa Morris for good.

    Unfortunately, Mathew Gray and his Portuguese sweetheart’s relationship spanned for only 2 years. The two parted ways a few days before the release of his film ‘500 Days of Summer‘ in the year 2010.

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    Relationship With Ali Michael

    Ali Michael also took the mantle just after Matthew Gray was done with Marrisa Morris. Matthew Gray and Ali Michael started dating in 2010. At the time of their meeting, Ali Michael was a professional model. Just three years into their relationship, the two parted ways again.

    Alleged Relationship With Taylor Swift

    httpsprod.static9.net_.au_mediaImagesThe-Fix201307090111blog090713-taylor Matthew Gray Gubler Biography; Age, Numerous Relationships, Career, Rumours

    It is widely alleged that Matthew Gray has a secret relationship with the American singer and a songwriter. Currently, there is no confirmation from any one of them whether the rumour is true or false. Even though, the two have been seen severally together at most places. Nevertheless, this does not mean the two of them are dating. Any form of speculation about the two datings should be taken as a rumour, it is not yet confirmed.


    Matthew Gray Gubler Net Worth

    Matthew Gray Gubler from his hardworking career has been able to accumulate some wealth for himself. It is estimated that Mathew Gray has a net worth of about $10million. His annual salary has also struck to $3.5million.


    How Old Is Matthew Gray Gubler?

    Mathew Gray Gubler was born on the 9th of March, 1980 do as of 9th March 2022, the young actor will be 42 years of age.

    Is Matthew Gray Gay?

    The rumour that had Mathew Gray in the centre of speculation as being gay began when the actor played the role we a bisexual character on a TV show. Just after the speculation got so much attention that it should, Mathew came out with a tweet on 14th January 2011 disputing the fact. He confirmed that he is into women and not men.

    Is Matthew Gray Married?

    No. Currently, as of 2022, the young actor is unmarried. Even though he has had a very dramatic dating history but he is currently single.

    Is Taylor Swift Mathew Gray Gubler’s Wife?

    No. Currently, Mathew Gray Gubler is single. His relationship with the American singer, Taylor Swift is nothing but a rumour. There isn’t any official confirmation from either of them as to whether they are dating or not.

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