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    Marge Cooney Biography, Age, Family, Relationship With Phil Donahue, Death

    Marge Cooney

    Marge Cooney has her birth name as Margaret Cooney. She was born in West Orange, New Jersey, the United States of America in the year 1938. She lived her life in Chatham, New Jersey, and Boca Raton, FL for about 30 years. Marge Cooney was a resident of Sea Girt for 57 years. Marge Cooney was well-known for being the ex-wife of a celebrity; Phil Donahue who was an author, a producer, and an American anchor.



    Name: Margaret Cooney

    Date of Birth: 1938

    Aged: 80 years

    Place of Birth: West Orange, New Jersey, United States of America

    Nationality: American

    Hometown: Albuquerque



    Spouse: Phil Donahue (Divorced)

    Marital Status: Divorced

    Children: Michael Donahue, Kevin Donahue, Daniel Donahue, Jim Donahue and Mary Donahue

    Death Date: 2nd February 2018


    Marge Cooney Physique

    Marge Cooney’s height and weight are presently not available on the internet. But she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful set of eyes and we’ll structured body.

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    Marge Cooney Relationships

    mltaapf416jm4f6a Marge Cooney Biography, Age, Family, Relationship With Phil Donahue, Death

    Marge Cooney’s got one interesting and adventurous relationship story. Her relationship journey started when she was in college. Her first ever real live experience began when she met Phil Donahue. Marge and Phil developed a romantic desire for each other and love were brewed from there. Phil Donahue and his sweetheart, Marge Cooney had their first-ever encounter at Notre Dame when Marge was at that time, studying at Marquette University.

    Moments after, the two love birds started dating. They shared beautiful and quality moments with each other.

    Therefore in 1957, after graduating from the university, Phil Donahue and Marge Cooney got engaged. Then on 1st February 1958 a year later, they got married. Phil and Marge’s marriage ceremony was held privately; only friends, family, and relatives were invited to grace the occasion. During their time in their marriage, Marge and her husband Phil had five children; 1 daughter and 4 sons. Below are their names and their year of births respectively.

    1. Michael Donahue born in 1959
    2. Kevin Donahue born in 1960
    3. Daniel Donahue also born in 1961
    4. James/Jim Donahue was born in 1963 and
    5. Mary Donahue was born in 1965.

    Aside from their happy story, was another story. Their marriage grew weaker as days passed by. Phil and Marge Cooney decided to part ways in 1973. Marge Cooney returned to her hometown of Albuquerque with two of her children. She rented an apartment and live with them there. The rest of the kids were left with Phil Donahue.

    Phil and Marge’s separation lasted for 10 months. They then solved their differences and got back together just for the sake of their children’s upbringing and future. Still, things didn’t work out as they expected. Four months later, the couple separated again. Their official divorce occurred in 1975. Michael Donahue, Kevin Donahue, Daniel Donahue, and Jim Donahue were left with Phil Donahue while their only daughter, Mary Donahue was also left in the care of her mother, Marge Cooney. Marge Cooney and Phil Donahue’s marriage lasted for 17 years.

    Phil Donahue

    1642362380374 Marge Cooney Biography, Age, Family, Relationship With Phil Donahue, Death

    Phil Donahue was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States of America on 21st December 1935. He attended St. Edward High School in Cleveland, USA. After, he proceeded to the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana for a 4-year college education in the business organization since 1957.

    Phil Donahue is a filmmaker and an essayist. Phil was additionally among the main 50 TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Star of All Time for his television show since 1996. It is known that Phil Donahue is the sole owner and maker of the American television show ‘The Phil Donahue Show’. ‘The Phil Donahue Show’ has a huge sum of views just like some of the top shows on American television stations.

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    Marge Cooney Net Worth

    As said before, Marge Cooney earned her spot in the celebrity world due to her relationship a d marriage with Phil Donahue therefore, there are no details about how much wealth she was able to accumulate for herself. Nevertheless, her ex-husband, Phil Donahue had a net worth of about $150million.


    Is Marge Cooney Dead?

    Marge-Cooney-Image-Source-Pinterest Marge Cooney Biography, Age, Family, Relationship With Phil Donahue, Death

    On 2nd February 2018, Marge Cooney passed away at Brandywine Wall. She was then, a parishioner at St. Mark’s Church, Sea Girt, and also a strong member and community volunteer with St. Joan of Arc Church in Boca Raton, FL. She died at the age of 80 years.

    Sadly, her son, Jim Donahue also passed away in April 2014 at the age of 51 due to an aortic aneurysm. Reports state that Jim Donahue practiced law and lived in Honolulu.

    Phil Donahue Children Ages

    As of 2022, these are the ages of Phil Donahue’s children;

    • Michael Donahue – 1959 = 63
    • Kevin Donahue – 1960 = 62
    • Daniel Donahue – 1961 = 61
    • James/Jim Donahue – 1963 – 2014 = 51
    • Mary Donahue – 1965 = 57

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