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    Man sells his life online

    Side view portrait of a sad depressed black man sitting on a bench in a park

    A man has decided to trade himself on social media because he can’t continue with the hardship he has been facing in his miserable life.

    A man identified Mike who is based in Arizona in the United States of America shared a post on his social media page which indicates that he wants to sell his life online.

    The most interesting part is that Mike has divided his life into shares and has made it publicly known that interested individuals can become shareholders of his life.

    He has put his shares at $1 per unit and thousands of people are rushing to his new business to become shareholders.

    Shareholders are supposed to control Mike’s life, what he should with his life and Mike has revealed he doesn’t care about all these consequences.

    In his own words: “One of the hardest things (of the business) is when I don’t agree with what the shareholders decide. What I usually try to do is to give it my best faith effort.

    Sometimes, that fails. It results in me not doing what I said I would try to do based on their vote but I try to always give it my best.”

    Mike’s business has attracted many reactions from netizens who have been sharing their ideas about this strange business.

    Check some comments below:

    Graham Carnaffan remarked: “Only through hard work and real values can we succeed in life and have values that reflect us and our community which is slowly being demolished via acts such as these.”

    Daliah Anita wrote: “This shows that humanity has reached the last level of being normal. Now it’s modern to sell your own life, own kids, own family or friends. Nothing has worth or really matters… for money ppl would do anything.”

    Petra Galović Klasić said: “To be honest I don’t see why people consider this any different than the lives of some influencers they follow it is just more straightforward and his shareholders have some actual benefit from this investment.

    “This is not trafficking or slavery, it is something this person decided to do. It is complete capitalism and I don’t like it but he is free to do what he wants and no one is worse because of his decision.”

    Evelyn Nana Amoafi opined: “Guy is just playing smart making money from people. Listen to him closely “he does not always agree to what they say! The final say is his. Imagine getting advice + getting paid for it lmao.”

    Watch the video below:


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