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    Man Reported Dead After Entering Hotel With Lover At Obuasi

    Sad news has dropped in as a man who was supposed to be in his forties, with the name Kwaku Frank died in a hotel after enjoying the night with his lover.

    This dead man was traveling with his lover and his family from Bepontenten to Obuasi for a funeral and after they have reached their destination, this dead man and his lover went to a hotel to enjoy themselves there.

    According to the Obuasi Government hospital, the man was dead before they brought him and there was nothing they can do about the situation so they reported it to the police.

    The lover reported that he went unconscious and foam was coming out of his mouth so she took him to the Obuasi Government hospital which she didn’t give the reason why the man went unconscious.

    The police commander DSP Asenso said that Confort Mensah who was the lover of the dead man is now the suspect of the case.

    Due to some investigations, they went to the hotel and the receptionist gave them access to room 34, and evidence was seen that they came there.

    According to the police, they saw the man’s underwear, a bottle of beer, and a wet singlet which was believed that it was used to clean the foam that was coming from the man’s mouth.

    A pathologist from Konfo Anokye teaching hospital has been contacted to do a post-mortem on the body so that they can know what killed the man.

    The lover of the dead man has been arrested and put into Obuasi District police cells and the members of the dead man told the police to be hurried in the investigation so that they can get to known what killed him.

    check the video below:

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