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    Man kills wife and children during prayer and fasting period with axe

    A man has been arrested for killing his wife and two children with axe during a prayer and fasting session organized by the family

    The Zimbabwean man identified as Leo Kanyimo was able to murder his wife, his son who was 10 years old, and his 18-year-old girl mercilessly

    According to reports, Leo Kanyimo was a committed member of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM)

    From the police, he has been arrested and only one of his children was able to escape from being murdered

    The neighbors around Kanyimo house was very shocked because the man was a committed Christian and a gentleman as well

    “We knew him as a prayerful man and yesterday he said they were fasting and praying for one of their children whom he said was possessed by some evil spirits,” one of the neighbours identified as Charles Ngazi told Zimbabwe’s Herald.

    “As they were praying in their house, we suddenly heard some screams and when we dashed to the scene, we realised that he was axing his family.”

    The police commander voiced out that,  “The man in his 30s started having problems in Woodlands, Gweru, and took a log and killed his wife, who was in her 20s, his 10-year-old son and an 18-year-old girl using a log,”

    “Neighbours heard some noise and saw the man running around with the baby he had killed. They alerted the police at Nehanda Station and he was arrested. We are still investigating the case.”

    Some witnesses have voiced out that, Kanyimo was not in a normal state when committing the murder and it seems he was possessed by some evil spirit


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