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    Man jailed 14 years for stealing cassava, plantain worth 50 cedis

    Sorrowful moment as a man was sentenced to14 years imprisonment for stealing Cassava and plantain just for survival

    A young man who couldn’t control his hunger anymore so he went to steal somebody’s plantain and Cassava has been sent to14 years imprisonment

    According to the Ghana News Agency, this 24-years-old Ghanaian unemployed man will turn 38 years by the time he finishes spending the 14 years

    Tepa circuit court sentenced Justice Ezekiel for stealing food items from someone’s farm at Akwasiase near Tepa which can be located in the Ahofo Ano North District

    Gwendolyn Millicent Owusu who presided over the court sentenced the young man for 14 years for only stealing food items


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