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    Man commits suicide after shooting his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend

    A man identified as Jay Black (Rajaee) has shot his former wife, former girlfriend and committed suicide.

    Jay Black based in American at Baltimore City Maryland and works as an anesthesiologist shot his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, and killed himself.

    He shared a video on his social media page indicating the pain and the struggle he was going through before engaging in those murders.

    In his own words: ‘’I am not happy for doing this. For everybody that supported me, knows what is going on, thank you all..I have been going through a custody battle, have been going through having my ex-wife say that I was molested by children, and all kinds of craziness. I have been fighting for custody for three years.

    So, you know..What up Oliver, you know about all these things. I started dating somebody new, she got pregnant, we got into a fight, she also threatened that she is going to do the same thing my ex-wife did. That you are not going to see your kids, bla bla bla . This is a holiday; I don’t have any family or anything.

    Anyway, I just did something crazy. I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head ye all. It felt like a dream hmm…I never thought that I will be that guy. I can’t go to prison, so the person that really started my depression is my ex-wife.

    So she is next and then I am going to do the same to myself. I just want to say this to people, don’t play with people’s emotions, and don’t lie to these men …ohh here is my ex-wife …Today is the day…

    Watch the video below:


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