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    Man claims he loves his wife but he’s scared he might sleep with his daughter

    A man who has been married has decided to share what has troubled his mind and feelings for a long time

    According to the married, although his wife is a beautiful woman but he has some feelings for his stepdaughter which he might end up sleeping with her

    He shared this information on social media platform so that he will get help from social media users

    He added that he loves his wife very well but any time his stepdaughter is around him he finds it difficult to control his feelings

    His wife gave birth to his stepdaughter when she was 17 years old and now her stepdaughter is 26 years old

    Read the post below:

    “My wife has a 26-year-old daughter. She had her when she was 17. I married my wife a year ago.

    Before I met my wife, I had a one-night encounter with her daughter. We met at a funeral, connected within an hour and f*cked the attraction off.

    I didn’t know she was married. I found out the next day at church service when we met again and she had to introduce me to her mother.

    Her mother was everything I needed in a wife, so we exchanged numbers and built our relationship from there. She got to know I was dating her mother and we decided not to mention what happened between us to anyone.

    In March this year, we found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. We kissed. I can’t explain what is going on. I can swear to you that I am in love with my wife. But I have the feeling that I will f*ck her daughter again if the opportunity presents itself.”

    next-day Man claims he loves his wife but he's scared he might sleep with his daughter


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