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    Mahama dares Ofori Atta to sue him if he didn’t cook figures

    Ghanaian politician cum communications expert, and former President John Dramani Mahama has blamed Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta for altering monetary figures just to make the Akufo-Addo organization look great without flinching of credit score offices.

    Mr. Mahama noticed that the Finance Minister has neglected to incorporate liabilities like the energy area and the financial area cleanup obligations into the shortfall.

    “The economy was in a wreck even before Coronavirus, they utilized Covid as the concealment. The Finance Minister, I rehash, has been cooking the books.

    “I have said it a few times, on the off chance that he thinks I am not talking reality he should sue me, he has been cooking the books. He doesn’t give the right image of the economy.

    “Liabilities, for example, the Energy Sector obligation, banking area cleanup he doesn’t add them to the deficiency. He puts it as a commentary thus when he says our shortage is 6% it is on the grounds that tremendous liabilities things are not part, he has stowed away them.

    “He has done that for a long thus when he gets the Fitch and Moodys’ appraisals it seems as though the economy is progressing admirably,” Mr. Mahama said on Tuesday, November 9.

    He further asked the Akufo-Addo organization to up its game in managing the difficulties Ghanaians are burdened with right now.

    Mr. Mahama noticed that occasions are hard for Ghanaians. The economy, in his view, isn’t doing great thus, the destitutions.

    Mr. Mahma said, “I imagine that this administration needs to sit up.”


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