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    Who is Loyle Carner’s girlfriend? Here’s what to know

    loyle carner girlfriend

    Fans of English musician, Loyle Carner have taken a keen interest in his personal life as many are looking out for the identity of his girlfriend.

    For information, the singer is now in a relationship with someone who lives in London but her name and other details remain a mystery.

    Currently, she’s not married so she doesn’t have a wife, however, fans should expect a wedding pretty soon because Loyle Carner seems to be in love with his girlfriend.

    Who is Loyle Carner?

    Loyle Carner is widely known as an English musician born on October 6th, 1994 in Lambeth, South London. His mother is Jean and stepdad is Nicholas. He grew you alongside his brother, Ryan. His biological father split from his mother hence his identity is unknown.

    He is known in real life as Benjamin Gerard Coyle Larner. The hip-hop musician was born with ADHD and dyslexia however cooking came as a relief to him hence the reason he opened up Chilli Con Carner cooking school for kids with ADHD.

    The singer’s stage, Loyle Carner is a spoonerism of his surname, Coyle Larner, due to his dyslexia.

    Who is Loyle Carner’s girlfriend?

    The English musician is currently in a relationship with a mystery lady as he hasn’t shared details about her however he claims she’s just like his mom, a secondary school teacher.

    According to him, his girlfriend is the inspiration behind some of his songs

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