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    Local Fast & Furious Benz Driver Who Displayed His Driving Skills In Traffic Intersection Failed To Show Up In Court

    A driver has been arrested for driving recklessly at a traffic intersection at the Airport which was believed that he was showing off his driving skills

    According to the reporter, Kofi Sasa is the name of the driver who was showing off his driving skill and he was driving a black Mercedes Benz

    Kofi Sasa was supposed to be in court today, Monday, October 25, 2021, but he cited sickness as his reason for not coming to court

    According to Kofi Sasa, he is very ill and has been admitted to a hospital which the name of the hospital is not revealed and he has been monitored by the police

    This young man was spotted in a video driving a black Mercedes Benz into the middle of the four-lane road recklessly on Sunday, 24, October 2024

    This young man whose name is Kofi Sasa has been trending on social media after showing off his driving skills

    So he was then arrested by the airport police, and they charged him with careless driving and putting road users in danger.

    Watch the video below:

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