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    Leanne Goggins Biography; Age, Family, Ex-husband, Career, Death

    Leanne Goggins was born in the year 1967 in Canada. The actual day and month is still unknown. Leanne Goggins hails from a family of four. Her parents are; Mrs. Peggy Kaun while her father’s name is Mr. Arnold Kaun. She has a brother called Jay. Leanne Goggins is the only daughter of her parents. Currently, not much about her growing up with her family is made public on the internet.

    But as everyone knows her, she became the talk of the town after she got married to the legendary actor, Walton Goggins.



    Name: Leanne Goggins

    Date Of Birth: 1967

    Place Of Birth: Canada

    Aged: 37

    Year Of Death: 2004


    Nationality: American

    Ex-husband: Walton Goggins

    Profession: The first advisor of Canyon News, dog lover

    Net worth: $300,000


    Leanne Goggins’s Education

    Leanne Goggins has been an ambitious young woman growing up. Her life growing up was hectic and challenging. She also incurred several health problems attributed to jaundice. That health condition affected her entire life which caused her parents to spend most of their fortunes for her wellbeing. This made her miss most of her periods in school for an immeasurable time. Despite her challenges, she did not relent to them, she worked so hard and completed her elementary education and high school. Fortunately for her, she graduated college bagging a degree.


    Leanne Goggins’ Profession

    Leanne Goggins was a successful businesswoman who worked as the first advisor of Canyon News.

    Also according to related sources, Leanne Goggins was really passionate about the existence of dogs. She loved them so much. Her love for dogs developed every single day. She used that as an opportunity to establish a successful dog walking venture in the Lauren Canyon community in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

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    Leanne Goggins’ Net worth

    In the early days of the dog lover, it was recorded that, she has a net worth of about $300,000. Most of her wealth was accumulated from several sources. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Walton Goggins has a net worth of $8million.


    Leanne Goggins’ Marriage and Divorce

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    Leanne Goggins and Walton Goggins had their first encounter during a film shooting in the year 1999. They were working on the film Shanghai Noon which had the likes of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. After their first meet, Leanne and Walton dated for about some time before finally tying the knot in the year 2001. As at that time, Walton Goggins lived in Los Angeles. So his wife relocated to live with him.

    In their early marriage days, most people used to squeeze out inspiration from them. Exactly three years into their marriage, things began to fall off. Misunderstanding and several gentle chaoses aroused in their midst that, Leanne decided to take quick action towards it. Leanne Goggins then filed for divorce in the year, 2004.

    After their marriage, Leanne moved out of Los Angeles to Canada because she realised living in Los Angeles was unfavourable to her happiness. On the other hand, Walton Goggins also remained single for a pit five years before having to get married to Nadia Conners. His marriage to Nadia Conners brought peace and happiness in his life. Now, they have a son together.


    Leanne Goggins’ Death

    Leanne-Goggins-1-1200x900-1 Leanne Goggins Biography; Age, Family, Ex-husband, Career, Death

    Leanne Goggins sadly passed away on the 12th of November 2004 shortly after her divorce from her ex-husband, Walton Goggins. According to reliable sources, Leanne Goggins jumped off from the 17th floor of a storey building in Los Angeles. Despite her attempt to take her own life, Leanne Goggins did not die on the spot. She was admitted to a local health facility where doctors and other health workers did their best to save her life. But their efforts did not work smoothly for them due to the seriousness of the injuries she suffered from.

    After the death of Leanne Goggins, investigations finalized that, the cause of her death was suicide. Also, reports that hit the internet was that she was secretly suffering from chronic depression which might have been the worst leading to her death shortly after her divorce from Walton Goggins.

    After her death, most people sympathized with her family with just feeling that she shouldn’t have died so soon. Her ex-husband, Walton Goggins has moved on with his new wife and a son.


    Leanne Goggins’ Ex-husband, Walton Goggins

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    Walton Goggins was born in Birmingham, Alabama, England on 10th November, 1971. Walton Goggins had his formal education at Georgia Southern University. After a while in school, Walton Goggins dropped out of school only to pursue a career in acting. After this decision was mounted, Walton then relocated to Los Angeles.

    Walton Goggins started his acting career in the year 1990. He had his first-ever killer role in the film Murder in Mississippi. After, she also made an appearance in the TV series, The Shield. He played the role of Detective Shane Vendrell. Nevertheless, it was in 2001 that his fame began to shoot up.

    Walton Goggins built up his own production company with Ray McKinnon called Ginny Mule Pictures. The two joint production companies produced their first-ever short film titled The Accountant. After their first production, ‘The Accountant’ was a complete success. It won them an Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short Film. This achievement boosted their energy to shoot and premier most of Hollywood’s successful movies.

    Some TV Series and Movies He Has Featured In

    • The Shield
    • Vice Principals
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Six
    • Justified
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Criminal Minds
    • The Hateful Eight
    • Cowboys and Aliens
    • The Accountant
    • Tomb Raider and many more.

    Walton Goggins met Leanne Goggins in the year 2001 where their journey started. They dated and got married. Exactly three years into his marriage with Leanne, things escalated and they broke up officially. He remained single for close to 5 years before he finally moved on with his current wife, Nadia Conners with whom they have a son together.


    What Killed Leanne Goggins?

    According to reports after her sudden passage, she suffered from a chronic depression that made her commit suicide on the 17th floor of a storey building in Los Angeles.

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    Who Was Leanne Goggins’ Husband?

    In 2001, Leanne Goggins met her first and only husband, Walton Goggins and they got married. After 3 years into their marriage, she filed for divorce from him.

    How Old Was Leanne Goggins?

    Leanne Goggins was 37 years at the time of her death. She was born in the year 1967.

    Who Is Walton Goggins?

    Walton Goggins is the ex-husband of Leanne Goggins. They got married in 2001 and got separated three years later, in 2004. After Walton’s separation from Leanne, he remained single for close to 5 years before finally getting married to his current wife, Nadia Conners with whom he has a son.



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