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Lady storms boyfriend’s workplace to proposed to him (video)


Lady storms boyfriend’s workplace to proposed to him (video)

A woman astounded netizens when she decided to reaffirm her love for her man by unexpectedly showing up at his office to propose to him.

In our part of the globe, where women rarely reveal their genuine thoughts for the object of their devotion, this woman’s violation of the status quo elicited a great deal of adoration and goals.

The lovebird dressed casually in a cream shirt and matching shoes and stormed into the guy’s apartment, surprising him with a marriage proposal.

On the other hand, the guy quickly agreed to her proposal by reaching out his right hand and allowing the lady to place the ring on his finger.

The lovers embrace tightly after having a kss to the delight of his alleged female coworkers who have been around the entire time.

Watch the video below;

Source: Docupdates

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