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    Lady smashes boyfriend’s TV with hammer after fight

    A lady spotted in a video smashing her boyfriend’s TV with a hammer after a serious quarrel

    In a video that has been trending on social media, the lady was spotted smashing the TV set with a hammer while filming herself.

    According to reports, the unidentified lady and her boyfriend run into a serious quarrel so her boyfriend left the house.

    The lady furiously took a hammer and smashed her boyfriend’s TV while filming herself and later sent the video to her boyfriend.

    Blogger Xtian shared the video and quizzed that, “What would you have done if you argued with your Bae at YOUR place, walked out so that things don’t escalate, then she sends you this video SMASHING YOUR FLAT SCREEN TV WITH A HAMMER while you are out there talking the walk?”

    Watch the video below:


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