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    Lady shares tips on how to know a guy is cheating

    Cheating has become ingrained in the majority of married men and men in “supposed” relationships.

    Every day, we hear tales of guys cheating on their devoted and committed lovers simply because they are unable of sexual discipline.

    To that end, a female Tiktok user has taken it upon herself to provide “useful” recommendations on how to tell whether her partner’s guy is cheating on her.

    According to this lady, if a woman finds her man’s balls have gotten droopy, his urethral entrance has widened, and he is constantly itching his manhood, it indicates that he is cheating.

    The following are some of the responses from guys who feel the lady’s entries are ludicrous.

    @Vally_yo – Everything she said here is complete nonsense

    @Verified dmt – So make I no scratch my preek again because we dey date ?

    @Qweenciana4 – To know a cheating girlfriend, the womb becomes wider and the ovaries released more eggs ????


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