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    Lady Record Scary Moment Bolt Driver Locked Car, Ordered To Send Her To Different Location For Massage

    A very scary video has been released by a beautiful young lady that a Bolt driver decided to drive him in the wrong direction which was not her destination to have fun with her.

    According to the lady, she managed to record the video but she was in the stream of fear and panic because the Bolt driver locked the doors of the car

    According to the Bolt driver in the video, he is going to take the lady into a movie cinema and after they have finished watching the movie, he will get the lady a back massage.

    The lady was very frightened and voiced out that he is not going to follow him to the cinema.

    She reported the video on Twitter that, “I just had the weirdest Bolt ride. My anxiety shot through the roof I was just praying in my head he takes me home OMG. Driver randomly asked if I knew any movie houses in Labone and started saying this nonsense. I’ve never panicked like this in my life.

    Watch the video below:

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