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    Lady Laments her boyfriend provides everything but don’t chop her

    A frustrated woman has shared the problem that has been a burden on her that, her boyfriend provides everything but don’t have s£x with her

    From the woman, her boyfriend can do anything for her but when she asked him for s£x he just ignores it

    He added that she doesn’t understand why he has been doing that, whether she is not attractive to the man or the man is hiding something

    The lady identified as sandy voiced out that, her boyfriend is not gay and she doesn’t have any evidence of whether the man has another partner who satisfies him asexually

    Sandy revealed this information of Facebook Group with the name ‘Tired and True’ where questions are asked about relationship issues and others

    She wrote:

    Like i am facing now… This guy doesn’t like séx at all… N if u go to his house unexpectedly thinking he’s cheating he will be in the house or if u call him on video call u will see him at work… I am really suffering paaaa only God knows wat I’m going through… N he’s always providing for me n my daughter too but he hate sèx papa n i don’t know wat to do now

    he’s not a gày ooo but can’t say all here cos he’s popular n if i say it people will know him

    IMG_3761 Lady Laments her boyfriend provides everything but don't chop her

    IMG_3760 Lady Laments her boyfriend provides everything but don't chop her

    Meanwhile, these were some of the comments on the topic:

    Wussah Sabina wrote: Take her or him to a psychologist. Some people went through series of abuse during their growing ages, others too probably because of how they were introduced to the act will hate or not like it. Whatever it is, with therapy, a gentle romantic partner and love can bring him or her back on track

    Akosua Asare wrote: Your body and verbal language play essential roles in this vein. Be romantic and appealing to her. Do also maintain oral hygiene and a fresh body smell and practice good foreplay. If none of these works out then it could probably be that you are literally not attracted to her or that she is just not that much into you. This is an act that involves emotions and without it,it’s meaningless and a waste of time. Not every woman is into sex though which is why it’s easier for a woman to stay without it for a lengthy time than it is with men. Some prefer kissing much better.

    Serwah Cindy commented: Play ur game well, understand the body feelings,touch the right places, do something different and not always the one way thing , let the sex be smooth, enjoyable and a bit of craziness not punishment or selfish sex. You will see how much your partner will crave to have more of you


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