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    Lady goes violent; slaps boyfriend publicly for rejecting her proposal (video)

    A woman threw caution to the wind when she publicly smacked her boyfriend for rejecting her marriage proposal.

    A brave girl in love saw her efforts at public engagement with her partner fail and responded in a way that garnered her backlash from social media users.

    The nameless woman was filmed by Foreverdope Records enjoying a good time with her partner at a mall when she unexpectedly got on a knee to ask for his hand in marriage.

    The distressed boyfriend responded calmly as he attempted to assist the woman to her feet, attempting to escape a predicament that was already drawing the attention of mall patrons.

    Seeing that his efforts were not bearing fruit, the boyfriend gently declined the lady’s proposal. This did not sit well with the woman, who rose up, interrogated him about the refusal, and slapped him on the face.

    The woman and the gentleman were claimed to have been together for six years.


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