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    Lady found out man she crushes on is a taxi driver

    A lady has shared her emotions in a post asking social media users for advice as to the guy she is crushing on turned out to be a taxi driver

    This lady identified on Twitter as @AsiMthembu voiced out that, she doesn’t want to build a man but she wants a man with a least better job

    Check her post below:

    ”My life is so boring my crush is a f*cking taxi driver… What is the problem with me”

    ”I am not trying to build a man here.

    ”So how do I approach this matter?”

    See reactions to her post below;

    @Spiritedsoul9; He doesn’t bite. Find the story behind him being a taxi driver, you might be shocked he’s actually “achieved” more than you “assume” based on his current job. Just maybe, don’t judge him harshly yet

    @kool_kaptain; My dad went from a taxi driver to a taxi boss. As a smart lady like you, you can help him rethink his life and plans. My mom did that and we came out fine

    @Original_Stan; I’m failing to understand whats wrong with being a taxi driver. People are going to miss out on really good men because of this… N you might find out that, its only temporary, this is why “Acrimony ” was such a hit

    @SeapointO; …It’s an honest job & stressful & maybe if you & this 1 go out, he will become calmer & drive only 100kl/h & we will have 1 less crazy taxi driver on our roads…!!! Love always wins!

    @Nemza007; He works as a taxi driver, but that doesn’t define who he is…. He’s still a man!

    @thabiey10; My sister’s hubby was a taxi driver and studying to become a paramedic at the same time, he’s now a full time qualified paramedic. all I’m saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover mate!

    Iam_VickyWOG; Stop crushing on men who aren’t your preference without insulting those who aren’t your preference too. Trust me, a man out there also thinks YOU are boring as a crush much as you think your life is boring because you’re crushing on a taxi driver.

    @Rammalane1; Ask the man out, when he’s off duty. Same way anyone would ask a Dr out on his day off. Just accept that mjolo ke mjolo and motho ke motho. There are no guarantees. Rough beginnings usually result in smoother endings.

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