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    Kumawood Actor Accuses Big Akwes Of Sleeping With A Snake, Says He’s Evil

    Another shock private affair has dropped in as an unknown actor reveals the secret of another actor which has shock Ghanaians.

    According to this unknown Kumawood actor, he said Ghanaian actor Big Akwes is a very mysterious man.

    In the video, he said, Big Akwes and him were traveling along Kumasi road to take care of some businesses but what Big Akwes did in the car he has never seen that in his life before.

    He said on the way to their journey, He was not feeling comfortable and he asked Big Akwes and he said he has a snake in his bag.

    He continued that, suddenly Big Akwes removed the snake and started having s3x with the snake.

    He was very scared and shock, so he asked him why is he doing that and Big Akwes said the snake is the source of his protection.

    To confirmed what he said, Big Akwes has come out recently that, he is a very wicked man and he doesn’t know forgiveness.

    Big Akwes continued that last time that he likes cursing people and his curses don’t fail and he said Lil Wyne and Top Kay are behind the reason why Ghanaians actors and actresses disliked themselves and they are also evil.

    watch the video below:

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