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    Who is Kevin Samuels wife? Is Kevin Samuels gay?

    Kevin Samuels wife
    Kevin Samuels and his wife

    Kevin Samuels was a popular American social media personality, fashion icon, dating expert, and YouTuber who hails from the United States of America. He has been named as one of the few others whose relationship advice works magic on people. Sadly on 5th May 2022, it was recorded that the fashionista passed away of hypertension. He was 56 years of age as of 2022 when he died. 

    Is Kevin Samuels Married 

    The famous American YouTuber married twice. Both of them ended in divorce. However, he was linked with a popular Instagram model called Brittany Rennet in the year 2021. The rumors were caused him when he uploaded a video of the model on his Instagram page.

    It is still blurry whether the two of them had something to do or not. Aside from that, he also has a daughter whose name is currently missen from the internet. 

    Kevin-Samuels-1 Who is Kevin Samuels wife? Is Kevin Samuels gay?

    Kevin Samuels

    Kevin Samuels First Wife

    According to authenticated court records, the YouTuber’s first wife’s name is Sherrye L. Cravens also known as Sherrye L. Samuels. However, information about how they met and how they ended up as lovers and finally got married is currently not available. 

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    Kevin Samuels Daughter

    There has been a lot of concern raised after the sudden demise of Kevin Samuels. According to reliable sources, the popular YouTuber and fashion icon have a beautiful daughter with his first wife. However, his daughter’s real name has not been revealed publicly. For all we know, she was very dear to him and he loved her so much. 

    Is Kevin Samuels Gay?

    The famous relationship expert was tagged as gay when a man was seen sleeping on his bed during a Livestream. The YouTuber later addressed the viral story to be null and not true. Factually, he wasn’t gay.

    It could be recorded that he was married twice to women and even ended up having a daughter with one of them. This alone rubbishes the claims that the social media icon was gay. For a fact, he was never gay. 

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    Kevin Samuels Ex-wife

    According to our reliable sources, Kevin Samuels’s ex-wife’s name is Sherrye L. Craven who later changed her name to Sherrye L. Samuels after her marriage with the well-celebrated dating expert. Several sources also have it that, he had a daughter with her but her name has still not been made available to the media. 

    Who Is Kevin Samuels’ Girlfriend?

    It has been alleged that the YouTuber, who has now given up the ghost was in a romantic relationship with popular fitness and Instagram model and celebrity called Brittany Rennet. It was said that the fitness model and the YouTuber were dating for quite a while before he finally met his untimely death. 

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