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Kenyan MP suspended for offering sweets in parliament


Kenyan MP suspended for offering sweets in parliament

A Kenyan member of parliament was banished from the House of Commons for one day on Wednesday after handing sweets to colleagues during a tense debate.

After the day-long training, Fatuma Gedi reported that “the sugar levels of the members had decreased.”
Ndindi Nyoro, a colleague, had accused her of distributing money as bribes on the first floor of the residence.

Mr Nyoro was requested to provide evidence to support his bribery charges, and when he failed to do so, he was suspended for two days.

Ms Gedi was punished for one day for violating the House of Commons’ code of conduct by distributing food items in the chamber.

A number of revisions to the legislation on political parties were enacted by the House of Commons ahead of this year’s general elections.

Here’s an extract from the moment the MPs levelled the bribery allegations against the government:

Source: Docupdates

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