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    Keche Joshua Gets All The Praise On The Gram As He Helps An Old man To Push His Heavy Items On Wheelbarrow

    Ghanaian rapper Keche Joshua has got everyone on the internet praising him after extending his hand to an old man who was pushing a wheelbarrow.

    The gesture of the celebrity shocked all internet users as he met the old man carrying some items with a wheelbarrow hence jumped in to offer support to the man.

    The video has since surfaced on the internet and as the elderly man looked tired hence the well-mannered rapper Keche Joshua chase him to help.

    The rapper pushed the heavy items in the wheelbarrow to the destination of the man and he received prayers from the man

    This gesture has however touched several people’s hearts on social media as not every celebrity will put down the ego and lifestyle of being a star to do this for an old man.

    Ghanaians are mostly trained to look at situations like this and offer support to an elderly man if they can but lately, things have changed in society hence we often don’t see these things.

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