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    Joni Mitchell death: Is Joni Mitchell still alive?

    is joni mitchell still alive

    Joni Mitchell is a Canadian-American singer, painter, and songwriter born Roberta Joan on November 7th, 1943 In Fort Macleod, Canada.

    Her parents are Bill Anderson and Myrtle Anderson. She has created a well admiring career as her songs reflect philosophical and social ideals. Most of her song’s inspiration swings from womanhood, romance, joy, and disillusionment.

    She got married in 1982 to Larry Klein but divorced in 1994 also she said to have married Chuck Mitchell from 1965 to 1967. Joni Mitchell is blessed with a child identified as Kelly Dale Anderson.

    What happened to Joni Mitchell?

    The Canadian-American singer suffered a brain aneurysm, it’s a swelling in an artery in the brain. Her medical condition rendered her the inability to speak and walk which made her take a hiatus as she was no longer able to play the guitar.

    She recently gained her legs back and made some public appearances.

    Joni Mitchell’s net worth

    Joni Mitchell had earned fortunes from her career as she has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

    Is Joni Mitchell still alive?

    Yes, Joni Mitchell is well and healthy. Some publications threw in her death hoax which triggered massive attention but she’s not dead.

    According to her representative, the singer is on the verge to reissue her catalog.

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