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    Kelly Dale Anderson: Meet Joni Mitchell’s daughter Kilauren Gibb

    Kelly Dale Anderson

    Kelly Dale Anderson is better known as the daughter of Canadian-American singer, painter, and songwriter Joni Mitchell. She became the center of attraction after her details engulfed the internet.

    She is also known as Kilauren Gibb and was born on February 1965 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by her parents Joni Mitchell and Brad MacMath.

    The singer gave birth to her daughter Kelly Dale Anderson after she met Brad MacMath, a photographer whom she was studying art at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. Her romance with Brad got Joni pregnant in 1964 and after her birth, she gave him her for adoption.

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    Why did Joni Mitchell give her daughter for adoption?

    Following the birth of Kelly Dale Anderson, Joni Mitchell gave her for adoption because of her inability to take care of her and the stigma of giving birth out of wedlock.

    In an interview, the singer opened up that she gave Kelly Dale Anderson aka Kilauren Gibb for adoption because she was destitute at the time of the pregnancy and moved to Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

    Who are Kelly Dale Anderson’s adoptive parents?

    Kelly Dale Anderson was adopted shortly after her birth by Ida Gibb and David hence she was raised in Don Mills, a suburb of Toronto where she attended private school.

    How did Joni Mitchell and her daughter, Kelly Dale Anderson reunite?

    The internet was the help point as the reunion occurred in Los Angeles in 1997 after they had already been in contact five years earlier.

    This came up after the fans of John Mitchell shared information about the circumstances behind Joni Mitchell’s giving up her daughter for adoption.

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