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    Japan’s Princess, Mako Ditches Her Royal Family To Marry ‘Lover’ After She Was Asked To Either Choose Her Broke Boyfriend Or The Throne

     Another love story drop in Tokyo as princess Mako who is Japanese rejects her royalty to be with the love of her life whose name is Kie Komuro.

    According to the story, this princess has to choose between sitting on the throne and being with her love.

    Information reaching us is that princess Mako and her love will marry on October 26, they still don’t understand the princess but that is the power of love.

    This story was reported by public broadcaster NHK, according to him this marriage was supposed to happen in 2017 but it was faced some challenges so they rescheduled the date.

    The reason why they postponed the marriage is that there was a misunderstanding between the princess’s fiance Komuro’s mother, and her former fiance.

    Princess Mako who is 29 years old and also the granddaughter of former Emperor Akihito and Komuro first sees each other at university in the year 2012 in Tokyo.

    Komuro was found around the sea after beach tourism in the city of Fujisawa at the south of the capital so he was also known as the prince of the sea.

    Komuro works as a lawyer in New York where they were supposed to move to after the marriage and the princess has been given an amount of $1 million to start her new life.

    The sad part is that if the princess marries an ordinary man then the family will lose their royalty according to the law in Japan.

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