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    Meet Ja Morant sister, Teniya Morant

    Ja Morant sister
    Teniya Morant

    The Memphis Grizzlies’ Teniya Morant is the younger sister of NBA great and Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant. She is on the same route as her brother Ja to become a professional basketball player.

    A basketball player of the greatest quality Teniya plays competitively as well as for enjoyment. She says she takes playing basketball very seriously and works hard every day to keep up with her brother.

    Screenshot-2022-08-31-200043-1024x467 Meet Ja Morant sister, Teniya Morant
    Ja Morant and sister, Teniya Morant

    Who Is Teniya Morant, Does Ja Morant Have Siblings?

    Teniya is the younger sister of NBA standout Ja Morant, who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. She was born on February 16, 2005, to Tee and Jamie Morant.

    Along with her brother, she was raised in Dalzell, South Carolina. In the makeshift court in their backyard, she saw her father and brother toil away every day. Teniya’s brother became a basketball legend thanks to the many hours of demanding training he undertook. It seems as if Tee is already planning to turn his daughter Teniya into the next big basketball star.

    Her brother Ja and sister Teniya get along well. On Valentine’s Day 2022, Ja surprised his sister with an early birthday gift of a white Jeep Wrangler. It was supposedly the car she had always wanted. On his Instagram account, Ja shared the great response video of her sister. Her reply demonstrated how happy and moved she was. Teniya is a junior at Houston High School. She stands at 5 7″ in height. She can still tackle people despite her little frame. In an open gym, she actively seeks out games against guys despite being a female.

    She further said that if she can triumph over a guy, she can undoubtedly triumph over a girl. “Some females simply like playing basketball. I’m a serious basketball player,” she continued.

    According to Teniya’s father, Tee Morant, her brother was more difficult to train when he was small than she was. Teniya said that, in contrast to Ja, she was better able to take her father’s constructive criticism. Similar to Ja, she was anticipating scholarship offers from other institutions. Tee told her to exert the same effort since it will undoubtedly pay off one day.

    In order to train her, Teniya’s father, Tee, removed her from her high school team in the midst of the season at the end of January 2022. She is now practicing with her father since there is just one more recruitment season.

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    Does Ja Morant consider Ziaire Williams a brother?

    American professional basketball player Ja Morant plays for the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. Even though Ziaire Williams is not his biological brother, Ja Morant still regards him as such. Teniya, his sister who plays basketball as well, is his only sibling.

    How old Teniya Morant?

    On February 16, 2022, Teniya will be 17 years old. This Valentine’s Day, her brother gave her the beloved automobile as an early birthday gift.

    What is the Height of Teniya Morant?

    According to ABC24, Teniya Morant is shorter than her taller brother Ja, standing at 5 foot 7 inches. She continued to play basketball despite being little. She continues improving her skills and could soon be eligible to compete in the WNBA.

    What is Teniya Morant’s Intagram Account?

    She has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @niyamorant. In April 2022, she posted a snapshot of herself and her romantic partner on Instagram. Their prom date seemed to be there. They were both wearing blue outfits and held hands. She left him off the post to protect his privacy.

    What school does Teniya Morant go to?

    Ja Morant sister, Teniya Morant attends Houston HS, Germantown, TN | MaxPreps.

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