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    Is Chief Keef alive? Here’s is the truth

    Chief Keef

    Chief Keef is an American rapper and businessman based in Chicago. His real name is Keith Farrelle Cozart was born on August 15, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America.

    He is named after his deceased uncle, Keith Carter, who was known as “Big Keef”. Since he was a child, Chief Keef has been estranged from his biological father, Alfonso Cozart.

    Chief Keef is a father of four children. His children are Krüe Karter Cozart, Kayden Kash Cozart, Sno Cozart and Kimora Sosha Cozart. His parents are Alfonso Cozart and Lolita Carter.

    Chief Keef music first became popular during his teen years in the early 2010s among high school students from Chicago’s South Side.

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    Chief Keef

    In 2019 Chief Keef was a target of a gun violence in front of W Hotel in Times Square. When the incident occurred, the rapper was at the W Hotel for a live performance.
    Fortunately, Chief Keef and his team escaped bullets, but word quickly spread on social media that the tapper had been shot and killed along with some of his teammates.

    The hip hop community, as expected, was saddened by the incident, and many fans and friends of Chief Keef began sending condolences. For a time, the rapper and his crew were absent from the news, but his Public Relations team eventually responded to the news of his death.

    Chief Keef’s publicist dismissed the rumor and stated that the rapper is in good health. He went on to say that the divine God saved him, his teammates, and Chief Keef.

    Yes, Chief Keef is still alive and well. Keef was shot in front of the W Hotel in Times Square in 2019. He was with his teammate for an event at the time. They were all saved from the accident. The news of Keef’s death spread quickly on social media.

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    Chief Keef

    Chief Keef is still alive and well. The rumor of his death is false, and it should be treated with the scorn it deserves.
    What happened to Chief Keef?

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    In 2019 the Chicago based rapper was a target of a gun violence during his live event at W Hotel in Times Square. Rumors spread through out social media that the rapper was shot dead. The Publicist of the rapper later discard the news and stated that the rapper is alive and healthy.

    Did Chief Keef get shot?

    Yes and no are the answers. In 2018, gunmen attacked Chief Keef in Times Square, but he escaped unharmed. The gunmen fired several rounds of live ammunition at the rapper and his entourage, but they were unharmed.

    Kooda B, a rapper and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s friend, was later found guilty in connection with the June 2018 shooting by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

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    Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Daniel Hernandez is known in the hip hop community as 6ix9ine and formerly as Tekashi69. He is a rapper from the Bushwick, New York, United States. His music has been distinguished by a hostile rapping style, while his personality has been controversial.

    He was arrested in 2018 on criminal conspiracy, weapons possessions, and drug abuse. In February 2019, he pleaded guilty to nine charges, including conspiracy to commit murder and armed robbery, and faced up to 47 years in prison.

    Kooda B

    Kooda B, a co-defendant in the high-profile 6ix9ine legal case, was sentenced to 54 months in prison. According to Complex’s Shawn Setaro, the sentence was handed down on Tuesday and will include three years of supervised release.

    Why is Chief Keef so popular?

    Chief Keef is one of the most popular rappers from Chicago. He well known in the city for his creative and humorous rapping style. Chief Keef popularity is beyond his city, he is one of the new school rappers who are currently controlling the rap community.

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    Chief Keef is one of Chicago’s most well-known rappers. He’s known around town for his inventive and humorous rapping style. Chief Keef’s fame extends beyond his hometown; he is one of the new school rappers currently ruling the rap scene.

    Drill rapping is a new flavor that Chief Keef has introduced to the rap game. Drill rapping is well-known outside of the United States. It is now widely accepted in most English-speaking countries, particularly in Africa. Many consider Chief Keef to be the father of modern rap.

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    Chief Keef

    Did Chief Keef go jail?

    On January 15, 2013, Chief Keef was arrested after a juvenile court judge ruled that the gun range interview video was a probation violation. He was sentenced to two months in a juvenile detention facility and declared a state ward two days later. On March 14, 2013, he was released.

    How much is Chief Keef worth net worth?

    Chief Keef is worth $1 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Chief Keef is currently a hot commodity in the rap world, particularly in his hometown of Chicago. He is constantly in the news due to his sold-out concerts. His popularity isn’t limited to Chicago; his songs have received a lot of play on digital music stores.

    After signing lucrative deals with well-known record labels, Chief Keef made a fortune in the entertainment industry. However, he later developed a drug addiction, which harmed his music career.
    Chief Keef age

    Chief Keef was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, on August 15, 1995. In 2008, the rapper rose to prominence in the rap music industry. He has remained active since then, despite his current popularity being lower than it was when he first entered the rap industry.

    Chief Keef rose to fame in the music industry when he was just 16 years old. Multimillion-dollar record labels clamoured for his services.

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    Chief Keef

    Chief Keef Albums

    Chief Keef has four albums and four EPs to his credit. In addition, he released 38 mixtapes and 28 singles. On streaming platforms, his songs are extremely popular. Slutty Boyz, Lightshow, Bo Deal, Alley Boy, Joe Moses, Lil Reese, and many others have all appeared on Chief Keef’s albums.


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