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Interesting Facts About Jill Scott’s Ex-husband, Lyzel Williams

Lyzel Williams

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Interesting Facts About Jill Scott’s Ex-husband, Lyzel Williams

Lyzel Williams is a DJ and graphic artist from the United States of America. He is best known as the ex-husband of American singer-songwriter, model, poet, and actor Jill Scott.

Read to get more fascinating information about Lyzel Williams, like his age, wife, birthday, Instagram, Wikipedia, bio, Jill Scott’s spouse, children, and children, is Jill Scott married, Mike Dobson, john Roberts, and Lyzel Williams

Lyzel Williams Wikipedia and Bio

As previously mentioned, Lyzel Williams is an American graphic designer and DJ most known for being Jill Scott’s ex-husband. He was born in the United States of America, in Washington, D.C.

His mother was an artist, while his father was an electronics engineer. He is an American citizen of Afro-American ancestry. He spent most of his youth with his grandma.

Lyzel Williams was a member of the basketball team at Forestville High School in Forestville, Maryland. He graduated from high school in 1989 and enrolled at the Philadelphia Art Institute.

He studied graphic design in college and was also renowned as a DJ with a passion for music.

Lyzel Williams Age and Birthday

Lyzel Williams’ birth date, age, and birthday are unknown at the time. He has not communicated that portion of the information to the media.

However, according to other reports, DJ Lyzel Williams is believed to be between the ages of 40 and 45.

Lyzel Williams Instagram

After a rigorous search on the photo-sharing app, it is reasonable to say that DJ Lyzel Williams is not active on Instagram. This might be owing to the fact that he is living a private existence away from the media and paparazzi.

However, his previous partner, Jill Scott, is very much visible and active on Instagram. She has over 2.8 million followers and can be reached under the username missjillscott.

Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott

Lyzel Williams met his ex-wife, Jill Scott, in 1994 and the two dated for seven years before marrying in 2001. They had a lovely marriage until ultimately divorcing in 2007.

Throughout their six-year marriage, Jill Scott and her ex spouse, Lyzel Williams, never had children or children together.

Jill Scott

She is a well-known American singer and actress best known for her roles in the films Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?, as well as her CD Who Is Jill Scott? The First Volume of Words and Sounds

Jill Scott was formerly married to DJ Lyzel Williams and dated Lil’ John Roberts, with whom she had a kid called Jett Hamilton Roberts. On 25 June 2016, she married Mike Dobson, who is now her husband.

Early Life of Jill Scott

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 4 April 1972. Jill Scott is 51 years old as of the date of this article’s publication. On 4 April 2021, she was 49 years old.

Her mother, Joyce Scott, raised her, and she later attended the Philadelphia High School for Girls. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Temple University to study teaching with the goal of becoming a high school English teacher.

She took on a few odd jobs to help put food on the table. Jill had worked at an ice cream shop and on a few construction sites.

Career of Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s career began as a spoken word performer. Her major break came when she collaborated on a song named You Got Me with an American hip-hop band called The Roots.

The song earned a Grammy award as a result of the team’s efforts and Jill Scott’s co-writing. Following the song’s popularity, she joined the band for a performance on a music tour.

She released her first album, Who Is Jill Scott?, on July 18, 2000. Vol. 1 of Words and Sounds There were a total of 18 songs on the album. One of the tunes, titled A Long Walk, garnered her a Grammy nomination.

Lyzel Williams’ ex-wife released her second studio album, Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2, on August 31, 2004. Cross My Mind, a tune from the album, won her a Grammy nomination.

Additionally, she appeared in many episodes of the American comedy television series Girlfriends. On September 25, 2007, she released The Real Things: Beautiful Words and Sounds Vol. 3, her third studio album.

In the same year, Jill Scott starred as Big Momma Thorton in Hounddog, an American coming-of-age drama film. She was then cast in Tyler Perry’s American comedy-drama Why Did I Get Married in 2007 and its 2010 sequel Why Did I Get Married Too?

She then collaborated with Warner Brothers on her fourth studio album, The Light of the Sun, which was released on June 21, 2011. The album sold over 500,000 copies and reached at number one on the American Album charts.

The album had 15 songs, including Blessed, So Gone, So In Love, and Making You Wait. Jill then starred opposite Queen Latifah and Alfre Woodard in the 2012 American comedy-drama television film Steel Magnolias.

Jill Scott’s Net Worth

Jill Scott is reported to have a net worth of roughly $12 million, according to reports. This she earned via her professional career as a singer and actor in the United States.

She also has additional commercial ventures and sponsorship agreements.

Is jill Scott married?

As mentioned earlier, Jill Scott was first married to DJ Lyzel Williams, then dated her former boyfriend, Lil’ John Roberts, with whom she has a son named Jett Hamilton Roberts. She then tied the knot with Mike Dobson.

Jill Scott Lyzel Williams

During an interview with The Guardian, Jill Scott explained the reason for her divorce from Lyzel Williams saying One of the reasons my ex-husband and I broke up is that he stopped eating my food,” she said. “He was pissed [off] for other reasons, but the best way to show me was by leaving what I’d made for him uneaten for days on the kitchen counter. It was a smack in the face.”

Jill Scott Husband

After parting ways with her partner, Jill Scott married her husband, Mike Dobson, in 2016. It was a private wedding in her garden attended by family and close friends, including prominent personalities like Dj Mars as well as a surprise performance by Big Daddy Kane.

Mike Dobson

ngcb1 Interesting Facts About Jill Scott's Ex-husband, Lyzel Williams

At the time, nothing is known about Mike Dobson, Jill Scott’s ex-husband. We do know, however, that the two married in 2016 but divorced soon afterwards.

Their separation was noted as the result of irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be

Jill Scott Boyfriend

e singer started dating professional drummer Lil’ John Roberts. They even got engaged and have a son together named Jett Hamilton Roberts.

His website describes him as “A highly sought-after drummer, John “Lil’ John” Roberts thrives in the industry as the ultimate heartbeat.”

Jill Scott Children, Jill Scott Kids

American singer Jill Scott has no children or kids. However, she does have a son with her former boyfriend named Jett Hamilton Roberts.

Jill Scott Son Age

ngcb1 Interesting Facts About Jill Scott's Ex-husband, Lyzel Williams

The son of Jill Scott, Jett Hamilton Roberts, is currently 11 years of age, as he was born sometime in 2009.

Source: Docupdates

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