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    I used to think everyone who sleeps in a hotel would go to hell – Diana Asamoah

    Diana Asamoah, a well-known gospel preacher, reportedly claimed that hotel guests were bound to eternal fire.

    She noted that she previously believed hotels were places conducive to vice. Asamoah Diana When she was given a hotel room on a foreign trip, she declined.

    As a result, I came to think that everybody who stayed at the hotel was doomed. In an interview with Angel FM, she said that when she flew to another nation for a show, she informed her management that she would not be sleeping in a hotel out of respect for God.

    Diana Asamoah said that she has developed from her previous strict Christian upbringing.
    To showcase her ‘modern-day’ Christianity, the gospel worshiper now wears wigs, make-up, and high heels.


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