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    “I slapped my brother’s wife for insulting him, we will throw her out of his home soon” – Angry sister reveals

    An unhappy sister described how she delivered a hard and severe slap to her brother’s wife when she unexpectedly visited them and saw them arguing and exchanging insults.

    According to this lady, she was the one who took care of his brother when he was six years old until he graduated from university and got work.

    His wife was initially quite polite to her and the rest of the family, but everything went apart once she sent her children to spend the holidays at his place.

    During her children’s vacation at her brother’s home, his wife developed an acute animosity for her and the whole family, resulting in a fight with their last born, who is also a woman.

    During the argument, their lastborn slapped his brother’s wife, who responded with a more devastating slap.

    Due to her rising insolence, she and her other siblings are working furiously behind the scenes to evict her from their brother’s home as a form of retaliation.

    Both the woman and her other siblings, in my opinion, are insane.

    The irony is that this is the mindset of a large number of people when it comes to their siblings. After all, ‘it’s our brother’s house.’


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