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    “I hate inheriting other people’s enemies” – Amanda Jissih reveals

    Ghanaian award-winning radio presenter cum actress Amanda Jissih opened up that she is not the type of person that inherits other people’s enemies but she is kind towards everyone.

    There are some people in the media industry who form cliques due to the comfort they feel around each other.

    According to Amanda Jissih, she doesn’t like cliques and doesn’t want to engage in those activities because she doesn’t want to inherit people’s enemies.

    Amanda Jissih was interviewed on Graphic Showbiz and she said, “I don’t want to inherit people’s enemies, I would rather be cool with everyone than be cool with just a group of people so for me, I don’t have any clique anywhere, I am cool with everybody.”

    “If I should have a clique then it should be with the big shots who are going to help my life financially, most of the cliques we have in the industry are not healthy with beefs, here and there,”

    “I would say that by God’s grace, the scripts are really coming so that seems to be taking a bigger portion of my time now. It is stressful but I am loving it. Out there, I have always been bubbly but I am very quiet, I am not working, I am always indoors.”

    “I am really enjoying my “me time’ because of past experiences s if I have to be out, there has to be money involved, it shouldn’t just be to have fun because we are aging and I need to make money.”


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