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    What To Know

    How to submit banking details

    SASSA payment dates

    We shall take you through the banking details submission process. However, it is very important to offer all the correct banking information in order to be able to receive your SRD R350 grant cash.

    Actually, you would face some difficulty or delays in grant payment because of not providing the correct banking details. The SASSA has officially issued a statement about how the entire process works and the steps to be taken.

    NOTE: Be very careful while submitting your bank details and also make absolutely sure you give out your bank details to the official site of SASSA.

    Screenshot-2022-08-29-054949 How to submit banking details

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    How To Submit Banking Details To SASSA

    An applicant can update his or her banking details which might have been provided wrongly/incorrectly on the official website and alter their response to the screening questions asked while they were applying. Follow the instructions below to get you through;

    • Go to the website:
    • Navigate down to the “How do I change my banking details” section
    • Enter your ID number
    • An SMS entailing the SASSA banking details link will be sent to the phone number used when registering for the SRD application.
    • Open the banking details link in the SMS and follow the prompts.

    Be sure that you’re the owner of the bank account if you intend to receive your payment through that bank account you just provided. The SASSA organisation will not pay your R350 grant to someone else’s bank account.

    Therefore, if you select the money transfer option through one of the banks listed, be sure that the phone number where you received the SMS is also rightly registered in your name and details.

    Your grant will therefore not be paid if your phone number belongs to another person. It has been notified that new banking details will be used for future payments after verification has gone through successfully.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I know my SRD bank details?

    To know your banking details that are verified for SASSA SRD R350, visit the platform and navigate to where you are asked to update banking details then enter the ID number you used to submit the application

    How do I change my banking details with SASSA SRD?

     If you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant just visit and submit your ID Number below where to change banking details

    How Can I Get SRD Cash Send?

    All SASSA SRD R350 grants can be collected through these means; bank account, Pick N Pay, Post Office, Boxer Stores, Checkers, Shoprite, Usave, and OK Foods Supermarkets.

    Does SASSA Money Expire If Not Withdrawn?

    The grants given to beneficiaries do not expire and they can be collected anytime. The Post Office has also introduced a new system to lessen the burden on beneficiaries who collect their SRD grants.

    How Do I Check My SASSA Srd Grant Payment?

    1. Go to this website:
    2. Enter your ID number and your phone number and follow the prompts given to you.
    3. Check sassa status via status.

    How Do I Check My SRD Bank Details?

    1. To check if the bank details you provided are verified, visit the official website
    2. Navigate down to where you’re demanded to update your banking details.
    3. Enter your ID number used in submitting the application.

    How Do I Get R350 Grant From ATM?

    1. Insert your SASSA Card into any ATM
    2. Select Withdrawal
    3. Enter your PIN
    4. Enter the preferred amount you want to withdraw from your SASSA Card
    5. Wait for the ATM to push out your money.
    6. Take your SASSA Card from the ATM as well as your money

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