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    Hot nak£d pictures of Sister Derby pops up in latest photoshoot

    Sister Derby, a Ghanaian model and singer, is being pushed over the edge by her newfound passion for social media clout.

    Although she is not accustomed to controversy, the responses to her acts are often dramatic, prompting trolls and backlash from supporters.

    The African mermaid left nothing to the imagination in a new video that is generating a sensation on social media when she stripped down to virtually nothing for a photoshoot.

    Sister Derby stripped nearly completely naked, her breasts fleeing for protection.

    Sister Derby – whose actual name is Deborah Vannesah — hid her breasts with her hands as she posed for the camera, wearing just a black thong.

    She added in a description accompanying the brave video footage: “He said baby, can you arch it for me…”



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