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    Hopeson Adorye Releases More Secrets About Twene Jonas, Says He Left Ghana On 14th May 2019

    Hopeson Yaovi Adorye who is a widely recognized politician afflicted to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) his started his journey again to deport Twene Jonas to Ghana.

    A lot of issues between Hopeson Yaovi Adorye and Twene Jonas have been trending on social media but it was fading out of the system.

    Hopeson Yaovi Adorye has put more fire in it trying everything possible to get Twene Jonas deported back to Ghana.

    According to him, you can’t challenge state power, insulting leaders in this country, and go free so has found some relevant information about Twene Jonas.

    The information will reveal Twene Jonas as a criminal in the U.S and he will be deported back to Ghana, he did this investigation after Twene Jonas replied to his dare some days ago.

    He said this in an interview with Adela TV on Facebook Live, “He left Ghana on 14th May 2019, he travelled with Turkish Airlines, the purpose of travel is ‘Conference’ he used Kotoka International Airport terminal 3. His first name is Jonas, his surname is Twene, nationality Ghana. For the passport number and rest, I am holding on to that,”

    He added that “the visa in his passport is not a visa that he can use to easily secure his papers in America … you took a visa for a conference and you never went back, in the first place that’s a crime. He didn’t get five years visa, it was a short visa”.

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