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    Holden Fletcher Fraser Bio, Family, Education, All You Need To Know About Brenden Fletcher Son

    Holden Fletcher Fraser was born in the United States of America in the year 2004. He is widely known to be the son of American actor, Brendan Fletcher. The celebrity kid shot to fame because of his father’s celebrity status. His mother is also called Afton Smith.



    Name: Holden Fletcher Fraser

    Date of Birth: 2004

    Age: 18 years as of 2022

    Place Of Birth: United States of America

    Parents: Brenden Fletcher and Afton Smith

    Siblings: Leland Francis Fraser and Griffin Arthur Fraser


    Holden Fletcher Fraser Education

    The celebrity kid, Holden Fletcher attends a school where he grew up. As to which school she does attend, is currently not available anywhere on the internet.

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    Holden Fletcher Fraser Family

    Holden-Fletcher-Fraser.-1593010508185 Holden Fletcher Fraser Bio, Family, Education, All You Need To Know About Brenden Fletcher Son

    Holden Fletcher Fraser Family

    Some years into his parents, Brenden Fletcher and Afton Smith’s marriage, the couple filed for divorce and separated from each other in the year 2008, 4 years after the celebrity kid was conceived. According to sources, the couple was married for 10 good years. During the court’s judgment, his father, Brenden Fletcher was directed to make a payment of $50,000 every month and a sum of $300,000 yearly as a support fee for his son and two other siblings. The reason for which they got divorced is currently not known.

    Holden Fletcher Fraser has two other siblings born by the same parents. Their names are Leland Francis Fraser and Griffin Arthur Fraser.

    Afton Smith

    images15 Holden Fletcher Fraser Bio, Family, Education, All You Need To Know About Brenden Fletcher Son

    Afton Smith

    Afton Smith is the mother of Holden Fletcher Fraser. She also works as an actress in the United States of America. Her path met with his father, Brenden Fletcher on a set of Reality Bites in the year 1997. The two got so much intimated and loved up till they finally tied the knot a year after, in 1998, and sadly got divorced in 2008, 10 years after their wedding.

    Brenden Fletcher

    Brendan-Fraser Holden Fletcher Fraser Bio, Family, Education, All You Need To Know About Brenden Fletcher Son

    Brenden Fletcher

    Brenden Fletcher is the father of the celebrity kid. He also works as an actor. He got loved up with his ex-wife while on the set of Reality Bites film in the year 1997 and got married to her a year after, 1998 and divorced with his wife after 10 years of marriage in 2008. He chanced on a minor role in the film ‘Dog Fight‘ which was shot in 1991. Just after the movie was premiered and released, it paved way for him to earn a much bigger and major role in the film ‘California Man‘ in the year 1992. The actor has made a whopping $12million from featuring in one of America’s famous and successful movies ‘The Mummy Returns‘ in the year 2001.


    Holden Fletcher Fraser Career

    Holden Fletcher Fraser is still a kid to have a career. However, his popularity is a result of him, being the son of Brenden Fletcher. Therefore, many speculate that, so far as both of his parents are into filmmaking, maybe, he will also pick their path.


    Holden Fletcher Fraser Net Worth

    Holden Fletcher Fraser is only 18 years as of 22 so he does not have any known career or profession that would fetch him money for himself. However, he depends on his parents’ fortune to make a living, Therefore, his father’s net worth is estimated to run around $20million whereas, his mother is also worth a whopping $175million. Looking at how rich and fortunate his parents are, Holden is seemed to be living the life everyone would ever wish for.

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    Social Media Presence

    Holden Fletcher Fraser is not currently an active member of any of the social media platforms. This is because of his age and probably status in the celebrity world. Maybe somewhere in the future, when he finally grows up, he would have an interest in them.


    Holden Fletcher Fraser Age

    The celebrity kid was born in 2004. The actual day and month are currently not available. As of 2022, Holden Fletcher Fraser is 18 years old.

    Brenden Fletcher Children

    After 10years of dramatic marriage with his ex-wife, Afton Smith, the couple had three children. Their names are; Holden Fletcher Fraser, Leland Francis Fraser, and Griffin Arthur Fraser.

    Brendan Fletcher Net Worth

    The American actor’s net worth is estimated to be $20million. He had made most of his wealth from movies he made.

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