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    Hasbulla disease: What rare genetic condition does Hasbulla have?

    Hasbulla disease

    Hasbulla Magamedov was born in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia in the year 2003. According to his date of birth, he is 19 years of age as of 2022. He is a Russian social media personality and an MMA fighter who rose to fame sometimes to date. Hasbulla currently hoards millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

    Screenshot-2022-09-07-204727 Hasbulla disease: What rare genetic condition does Hasbulla have?
    Hasbulla Magomedov

    Hasbulla Magamedov Height

    The popular Russian internet sensation suffering from dwarfism stands at a height of about 3 feet and 4 inches tall approximately. He is also recorded to have a weight of about 18kg respectively. He is currently suffering from a rare condition known as Growth Hormone Deficiency which has affected his ability to grow physically. His actual body measurements and other relevant information about his body are currently not available.

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    Hasbulla Condition

    The MMA fighter and social media personality, Hasbulla does not look his age at all. He has the voice of a 4-year-old child and is about 3 feet in height. The main reason behind his unusual physical stature is that he currently suffers from a condition known as Growth Hormone Deficiency which is also known as Pituitary Dwarfism or simply Dwarfism.

    The condition is due to insufficient growth hormones in his body. A popular example is Lionel Messi, the popular footballer. The footballer was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency when he was a child.

    What Disease Does Hasbulla Have

    The famous MMA fighter is currently suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency. It is a rare condition that is known for retarding a person’s growth of growth hormones from the anterior pituitary gland which results in an abnormally short physique.

    Can Hasbulla be cured?

    Factually, yes. if the condition, Growth Hormone Deficiency is detected at an early stage of life, it can be successfully cured with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injection to spike one’s body development.

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