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    Good news as Odartey Lamptey wins back his East Legon mansion from his ex-wife

    Mr Lamptey may finally take possession of his house tomorrow, as directed by the Accra Court.

    Lamptey has leased since 2014 when his wife attempted to take the house after their divorce.

    Odartey confirmed to us that he will be returning to the house informally tomorrow, despite his ex-wife’s refusal to vacate the property after the ruling.

    Following the divorce, Lamptey gave up his five-bedroom Dome house and agreed to pay the former wife 400,000 cedis in alimony, but Ms Gloria Lamptey said she wanted the East Legon House instead.

    Odartey was granted to reclaim his house by the court in its most recent judgment on March 2, 2022.



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