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Ghanaians react to the fight in Parliament over the E-levy


Ghanaians react to the fight in Parliament over the E-levy

Ghanaians have reacted to the fight between the Majority and the Minority members in Parliament over the E-levy bill.

This is the second time Ghanaians have witnessed a serious in Parliament among the MPs.

On Monday, December 20, 2021, there was a serious fight in Parliament as the Majority and the Minority members were spotted punching each other mercilessly.

The fight was rooted in the discussion of the E-levy and as they were debating a little misunderstanding erupted which resulted in a fight.

Check the videos and some reactions below:

@zongo_banku – You voted for an NPP mp, but you are here expecting the NDC MPs to do magic to ensure the E-Levy is not passed…You dey craze

@citizenyao – The NDC MPs are doing something great in parliament. I am surprised CSOs couldn’t demonstrate against this E levy. Shame to them!

@kwakurafiki2 – You see how the NDC MPs are fighting against the E-levy. Good. Soon, one nincompoop will lump the two parties together and say NDC and NPP are the same.

@Tindam_ – Well done to the NDC MPs. They’ve shown consistency and resolve. I don’t support the violence on the floor, but I was wrong. They demonstrated tact, Organisation, and unity, which make up for the previous blunders.

@Janicegenuine – It is sad to see NDC MPs fighting for the ordinary Ghanaian while NPP NPP MPs are fighting for their party. Yet some gullible supporters who struggle to get even one meal a day still defend this NPP govt and Akufo-Addo, aka E-levy
Twene Jonas Sam George


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