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    Funny Face Goes Wild On Politicians As He Nearly Lost His Life In An Accident

    Ghanaian Comedian Fanny Face has released his anger on politicians over poor development in the country especially poor structured roads that have wiped a lot of innocent lives.

    If we remember, we reported that Fanny Face was involved in a fatal accident which nearly claimed his life on the Accra Kumasi highway yesterday.

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    Fanny Face revealed that he was on his way from Accra to Kumasi to visit his baby Mama Vanessa and to settle peace with her baby mama’s family and disclosed his intention of marrying Vanessa.

    He narrated what happened on the road telling us one careless driver using an articulator nearly round over his car in a video he shared in addition to a caption he added to it.

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    Another video popped up online after he escaped death, he pushes all the blame on politicians emphasizing that they are not doing what is expected from them.

    He also said that one of the female vocalists, Ebony lost her life due to poor structured roads and nothing has been done to reduce the death rate through accidents.

    Source: Docupdates

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