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    Florinka Pesenti Biography, Age, Relationship, Family, Career

    Florinka Pesenti

    Florinka Pesenti was conceived in Milan, Italy on the 17th of January, 1979. Florinka is very known by the name Flo. Florinka holds dual citizenship of America and Italy. Her father’s name is Roberto who works as a Bureau Chief for an Italian newspaper and her mother also works as a photo editor. Florinka Pasenti was raised together with her younger brother whose name is Victor. Florinka moved to Upper East Side, New York City with her parents in the year 1984. Growing up, it would be attested that, Florinka really loved photography just like her mother. She also loved to travel to many places.



    Name: Florinka Pesenti

    Date of Birth: 17th January, 1979

    Age: 43

    Place of Birth: Milan, Italy

    Nationality: American

    Career: Public Relations Associates

    Education: Ethical Culture Fieldstone School and Vassar College

    Boyfriend: Dan Abrams

    Child: Everett Floyd Abrams

    Net worth: $2million


    Florinka Pesenti Education

    Florinka Pesenti attended her high school in Ethical Culture Fieldstone School and after her graduation, she proceeded to attend Vassar College. Currently, other details about her education are not made public. We will update you if any further information about her education comes up.

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    Florinka Pasenti’s Career

    feature-1577602530628 Florinka Pesenti Biography, Age, Relationship, Family, Career

    Florinka has been through the very puzzle of life to become the prominent figure she is today. Just recently, Florinka has begun working in a fashion and apparel industry. Somewhere around 2002, Flo began working at the fashion compartment of Glamour Magazine and left the industry in 2005. Just after her exit from Glamour Magazine, she continued her career with Tod’s Group. Also, from January 2005 to December 2009, Florinka worked as the Director of Public Relations for an Italian shoe and leather goods company. She worked there for 4 good years before her departure.

    Somewhere in her career, it is very well known that Florinka has also worked with GUCCI in 2016 as the company’s Public Relations.

    Florinka Pesenti won herself the position to become the Vice President of Global Communications of the legendary Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s leading global apparel and fashion companies. Then, she also worked for a company in New York for three years before giving it up in July 2018.

    Then in her career, Florinka became the Vice President of MacAndrews & Forbes just after she left a similar post at Ralph Lauren.

    The Amazing Race Television Show

    The Amazing Race is an American television show that has been on television since 2001. The Amazing Race television show features contestants, checked in a pair of two who are given the chance to compete against each other for a whooping $1million. The selected contestants are then given physical and mental activities to work out. Both contestants can only move to the next stage of the competition if they are able to complete their given tasks. The team that is left. behind during the competition will be eliminated while the team that arrives first at the destination is crowned the winner.

    Florinka Pesenti partook in the competition in 2002 with her teammate, Zachary Golden Behr. Luckily, Florinka and Zachary won The Amazing Grace season 3. They took home the promised $1million. Florinka Pesenti was then, the first woman to win The Amazing Race show.

    Sometime after her victory, Zachary was excluded from the list of contestants in the All-Star season. Due to Zachary’s elimination, she declined to take part in the competition. The thing that many got on their lips was; were Florinka and Zachary in some sort of romantic relationship? No. There was nothing like that between them. They were just teammates and nothing else. Her teammate, Zachary is now a married man. He is married to Elyse Steinberg while she, Florinka Pesenti is in a strong romantic relationship with Dan Abrams.

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    Florinka Pesenti Relationship

    Florinka-Pesenti-image Florinka Pesenti Biography, Age, Relationship, Family, Career

    Presently, it is known that, Florinka Pesenti is in a relationship with Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams is history and Chief Legal Correspondent at ABC News. The couple met in 2009 and began getting along. They started dating that same year till date. Their relationship gets stronger each day. Are they married? No. Florinka and Dan Abrams are not married. Maybe, that is in the pipeline, who knows?

    Again, it seems like, both couples have gone silent about their known relationship. None of them has said anything about it for quite a long time now even though, they have a son together who was named after Dan Abrams’ father. Their son’s name is Everett Floyd Abrams.


    Florinka Pasenti’s Net Worth

    Notably, Florinka Pesenti is one of the rich guys in the United States. She owns one of the high-paid jobs in the state. She has worked with Ralph Lauren, Glamour Magazine, MacAndrews & Forbes, and the legendary, Gucci. Looking at the positions she held at these top companies, she commands very interesting digits in her possession. Her guesstimated net worth is around $2million even though, she has not come out officially to confirm that.


    Social Media Presence

    Florinka Pesenti is not really a fan of social media looking at the number of followers she has on her social media platforms. Her Instagram account is Private. Also, most of the pictures on her Facebook page are those of her son, meaning, she is not very active on Facebook too.

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    How Old Is Florinka Pesenti?

    Presently, Florinka Pesenti is 43 years of age as of 2022. She was born on 17th January 1979. She celebrated her birthday on the 17th of every January.

    Florinka Pesenti Husband?

    Currently, Florinka Pesenti is not yet married. She is in a romantic relationship with Dan Abrams and has a son, Everett Floyd Abrams with him.

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