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    Feminist, Efe Plange Says Men Who Ask Women What They Bring On The Table Are Aimless And Unintelligent

    Ghanaian dogmatic feminist cum NDC supporter, Efe Plange has categorized men who ask women what can they offer in a relationship as clueless and not intelligent.

    She listed some qualities like smart, intelligent, conversely, and highly educated to describe men who don’t ask women what they have to offer in a relationship or marriage.

    According to the feminist, men who know their value have no time to ask such questions hence have nothing to do with the relationship or the marriage.

    In a Tiktok reply, she has irritated that its men who have twisted the doctrine and ideas and has described them as clueless, and impotent of understanding the value of a woman and ask such question “what do you bring to the table”

    “Men who know who they are and have something to offer women do not ask such questions. They can detect what a woman offers from afar. it is usually men on the internet who have no prospect, no significant educational achievement…are the ones who ask these questions.”

    Efe emphasized that such men normally asked “what do you bring to the table” to women whom they can’t afford their lifestyle, women they know they’re not up to her league.

    Many people were triggered by the video and have retaliated with contempt to the video, they have also shared their opinion about the comments made by the feminists exceptionally when he described them as low thinkers and obliviousness.

    Efe Plange the feminist still stands on what she beliefs that men of value don’t have time to ask women such questions because they are automatically value- detectors.

    Watch the video below:

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