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    Fella Makafui Confirms Going For Surgery To Enhance Her Heavy Backside, Claims Waist Trainer Is Used To Maintain It

    Actress Fella Makafui has been caught in her net as she indirectly revealed the secret behind her curvy figure without noticing.

    Fella has been crediting her curvy figure and big backside to the uses of waist trainers and massive exercise but that’s not the truth too.

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    We all can testify that Fella was not endowed with such a figure when she first join the entertainment space.

    Whenever a topic is raised about her going for surgery to pleased her celebrity husband, Medikal she silences the public with massive exercise and waist trainer.

    The actress was pushed out by a female fan to revealed the secret behind her figure, as she said Fella has been using a waist trainer to cover up her surgery and it’s hit her hard to react in the process as she revealed her secret unknowingly

    The lady by the name she- loves- Becca commented under Fella’s advertisement post that she does not see the need of Obengfo customers (refers to women who have had liposuction in Ghana) to wear a waist trainer.

    She indirectly referred to Fella and her friends.

    This hit the actress hard to react to the lady’s comment calling her ignorant and stated whether surgery or no surgery one needs a waist trainer to maintain her figure.

    The fan apologize for spilling her secret, saying that she thought after surgery no need to put on waist trainers.

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    Fella came back to educate her that one needs a waist trainer after liposuction to maintain her body shape.

    She later notice that she indirectly revealed her secret and attention will be drawn to her, Fella quickly deleted the post, her replies, and comment but the Instagram CID screen captured it already.

    Views the convo between Fella and the lady below…

    Source: Docupdates

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