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    Fear women: Lady breaks up with guy who sent her abroad to propose

    A Moroccan man recently revealed his broken heart tale on Twitter, proving once again that “Fear Women” is still pertinent.

    According to this unhappy gentleman, she purchased a gold engagement ring for the woman and flew her to New York City just to propose marriage, but their romance ended in pricey tears.

    According to rumours, the woman was seeing another man but agreed to marry this brokenhearted gentleman because of his money, but as we all know, nothing can remain concealed forever under the sun.

    He eventually discovered his fiancee’s extramarital affair and was left with little choice but to put off their wedding, which was supposed to take place this month.

    Numerous social media commentators said that their relationship was doomed to fail due to the lady’s extensive tattoos – while the guy seemed to be quite nice and responsible.

    Time and time again, both young girls and men have shown that trusting in love is suicidal in the twenty-first century.


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