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    Fameye enstooled as ‘Wasa Nyankonton’ chief in wasa [video]

    Ghanaian rapper and musician Peter Famiyeh Bozah popularly known as Fameye has been enstooled as ‘Wasa Nyankonton’ chief in Wasa which can be located in the Western Region of Ghana

    Nana Sepre II voiced out the reason they enstooled Fameye is to honor him for uplifting the name and the image of Wasa and Bogoso Communities

    He continued that, what Fameye has done through his music has sent the name of Wasa afar and has brought lots of development to Bogoso communities

    The rapper voiced out words to show gratitude to the chief, his elders, and all the members for honoring him

    He disclosed that “I will like to thank the chief and elders for this title and honor they gave me. I thank him so much and everyone present. I assure the chief and elders that I will not relent but work to lift the name of Wasaman. As a youth, I will deploy all means possible to help the youth,”

    Watch the video below:


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